Delivering innovation and change

These are exciting times for the financial services industry.

Now is the time to embrace change and adopt new systems and processes that will transform your business and make it more efficient.

At Projective Group, we have a dedicated transformation practice to help you to define and implement change. Our experienced consultants take complex issues and adapt them to become simple solutions that work both in theory and in practice.

Trusted by leaders across industries.

What we do

It may be the first time you have come across an obstacle in your path, but the depth of our expertise means that we almost certainly will have seen and overcome it before. We can help you to achieve business transformation through:

Delivery Excellence

Our expertise across multiple domains allows us to simplify delivery providing impartial insights and using proven methods to achieve lasting change.


Business Adoption

ADKAR is a proven method that we use to guide your organisation through its change. This starts at the adoption stage, from awareness to integration. Our task is to improve efficiency and productivity and implementing lasting change.


Agile and DevOps

Agile exists to speed-up processes and get products to market faster. DevOps focuses on changing the infrastructure. Our unique blend of coaching and delivery expertise, tailored hybrid frameworks, and client-centric solutions ensure tangible benefits at every step.


Operational Excellence

Is an essential part to your future success. Our transformation experts work closely with you to streamline operations, implement industry best practices, and cultivate high-performing teams, ensuring your business thrives.


Training & Awareness

Translating consultant experience into learning solutions.


Come find your
tribe with us.

We want to encourage, nurture, recognise and reward your talents and ambitions.

Meeting face-to-face and bonding with colleagues is crucial in our culture and there are multiple opportunities to meet up, collaborate and most importantly, have fun!

We organise many internal and external events and offer the best of both worlds to our people and our clients, with the structure, expertise, and qualifications of an established organisation alongside the innovation, creativity, and culture of a start-up.