Agile & DevOps

Leading the way in rethinking financial services with a tailored and client-focused approach

Agile and DevOps are two methodologies essential for innovation and growth.

Each embodies a philosophy that focuses on the client and emphasises flexibility, collaboration and the automation of the software delivery process. Implementing Agile and DevOps successfully across an entire organisation leads to faster and more efficient service and product delivery. Our transformation experts use tailored hybrid frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, SAFE, LeSS and Spotify, to align with each of your individual requirements.

Agile focuses on collaboration and iterative development (the work of the first iteration will be improved upon in later iterations). DevOps is concerned with automating and streamlining software delivery. Together, they impact the entire organisation and lead to faster and more customer-centric software and service development and delivery.

What we do

We introduce Agile and DevOps principles to drive organisational efficiency and excellence. We simplify processes and reduce costly errors by modernising delivery methods and automating software implementing.

By introducing sustainable change, you will attract the best talent, develop further in-house transformations and DevOps capabilities, and ensure that your personnel have the right skills for the future.

At Projective Group, our experts work with you to put in place measures and tracking systems that monitor progress and ensure that the full potential of an Agile and DevOps transformation is realised. We use our other capabilities such as delivery excellence and business adoption to achieve this.

How we work with you

Encompassing a series of dedicated practices, we offer a unique blend of financial service consultants who can either lead project delivery using Agile and DevOps methods or act as coaches to expertly train and guide whomever chooses the self-delivery option.

We deliver a complete, end-to-end, agile transformation that is both adaptable and client focused. This approach allows the use of different techniques such as Pilots, Waves or Kanban.


We launch each Agile transformation with a combination of training sessions, bootcamps and workshops that together define the shape of the transformation. Our experts will provide hands-on Agile coaching and monitor progress through defined milestones and KPIs.


By using DevOps practices to enhance the efficiency of software delivery, and relying on our ADKAR business adoption best practices, we ensure that the transformation is successfully integrated across the organisation.


Our training courses ensure that clients are equipped with the enhanced capabilities and skillset needed to ensure that the Agile and DevOps tools and techniques are embedded in the organisation. These changes can then be embedded into the business adopted by the entire team.