Delivery Excellence

Assured delivery of large-scale complex programmes and projects

Our dedicated transformation practice is committed to your success and specialises in the delivery of large-scale complex tailored programmes and projects.

To achieve delivery excellence, we work with you to help implement new technologies, transform business processes, and complete any associated training all designed to achieve your desired outcomes. Your goals become our goals.

What we do

Successfully managing large and complex programmes and projects requires considerable expertise in liaising with senior management, resolving conflict and being flexible when resourcing a project.

Our transformation practice employs a strategy based on strong governance and structured project delivery. At the outset, a portfolio management office (PMO) is set up to ensure consistency of reporting throughout the project.

How we work with you

We ensure transformation delivery excellence through:

Tailored Delivery

We adapt project and programme delivery to meet your needs, seamlessly combining waterfall and agile methods when required.

Comprehensive Documentation

We emphasise practical and high-quality documentation at every stage, from objectives to design and implementation.

Roadmap Development

We create high-level roadmaps supported by detailed workstream plans.


Programmes are organised into phases with key checkpoints, emphasising risk management, RAID logs (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies), and business communication.

Resource Optimisation

We regularly review and advise on resource strategies and vendor partnerships to ensure efficiency and effective delivery.

Change Integration

Our focus extends to integrating change through business adoption and post go-live monitoring to maximise long-term impact.