Business Adoption

Introducing change that will return lasting results and benefits

When we discuss business adoption, we are describing a journey that begins in the planning stages and ends with the successful realisation of the project goal.

It is a journey that starts by introducing proposed changes to technologies, to processes and to the mindset of those who will implement it. A successful business adoption will see these changes embedded into an organisation, without any risk old practices creeping back into daily routines.

Business adoption is the readiness and ability of an entire organisation to embrace change to practices, services, tools and requirements. An appetite for these elements is essential to unlock all the potential rewards that are on offer.

What we do

For business adoption we use the Prosci® ADKAR methodology (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement) which is then broadened to include all aspects of the project lifecycle.

Our transformation team works through the three phases of business adoption – foundation, implementation, and embedment. Together, these ensure that we introduce a strategy that will effectively manage change within your organisation.

The benefits of this approach are many. It defines a clear direction for your change initiative which is then executed efficiently and integrated seamlessly into the organisation. Employees are engaged by, and embrace the change, and the changes lead to optimised outcomes and continued growth in the long-term.

How we work with you

Business adoption is a systematic process. Our team is led by Prosci certified change practitioners who ensure that objectives are clearly defined, stakeholders are engaged and goals are effectively implemented. These are the key stages.


In this initial phase our primary objective is to define the change purpose by creating a compelling narrative that resonates with all stakeholders. We also lay the foundation for a dedicated support network, providing guidance and assistance during the transition. Additionally, we ensure that the management and other key stakeholders are well-prepared with the necessary tools and a change-ready mindset to effectively lead the transformation.


In the implementation phase we are guided by the ADKAR model which provides a structured, individual-centric approach that helps to navigate and manage change.


This final phase ensures that the changes become deeply ingrained into your organisation’s culture and operations, leading to long-term sustainability, and maximising the benefits of the change. Finally, together we will create an inventory of what is needed to sustain the long-term impact of the changes.